Buying a Piece of Paradise
Hawaiian Real Estate

Buying a Piece of Big Island Real Estate Paradise

You came to Hawaii on vacation and fell absolutely in love with the Big Island, now you’re looking at buying a piece of paradise.  If you want all of the amenities of the modern world but still crave solitude and to be around nature then Hawaii’s Kohala Coast may just be the most perfect spot on the planet to do just that.  The Kohala Coast is not for everyone, homes here can come with a hefty price tag but the scenery and exclusivity make it worth every penny.   Let’s look at why the rich and famous are buying Hawaii Luxury Real Estate on the Big Island and are specifically looking to call the Kohala Coast home.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are other places around the world where you can find such beautiful beaches with a backdrop of rolling hills along with some incredible rock formations.  You can find similar places in Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam and Tahiti.  But, what you won’t find there is a sense of neither personal safety nor a first world infrastructure.  Hawaii, while lush and beautiful is still a part of the US and all of the infrastructure and facilities that you come to expect with the US.   You don’t have to worry about political upheaval, subpar healthcare or incredibly high violent crime rates.

Everything at Your Doorstep

If you are looking at perhaps retiring here or having a second home where you can truly get away from it all then let us show you all that the Kohala Coast has to offer.  You can truly spend your entire day outdoors communing with nature.  While Hawaii is already known for its beautiful coastline and gorgeous beaches, where you can try sailing, surfing or snorkeling but there is so much more to do here.  Take a hike along some of the nature trails with colorful plants and wildflowers found nowhere else.  Take a helicopter ride over a volcano.  You can take in a round or two of golf on challenging courses designed but the likes of Jack Nicklaus.  Here is a look at what you can expect to see living here every day.

A Good Investment

If the beautiful backdrop and luxury amenities that come with living on the Kohala Coast aren’t quite enough to convince you to buy property here then let’s talk about property as an investment.  The price of property here has been climbing steadily over the past decade.  Not only can you own your own piece of paradise but you can sit back and watch your investment grow at the same time.

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